Upgades to The RV

Installed a few lights for this weekend trip. We had a small issue with the bathroom light meaning a 4 foot high 7 year old couldn’t reach it so we opted for a motion detection Light we installed them in 3 cabinets and in the forward and aft cargo have to say I’m very pleased.

The other upgrade was some exterior lights I purchases a less expensive set, I’m pleased with the results, will consider hard wiring my perfect set once I find them

Steel Pearl maiden voyage

We started our adventure,like the sooners of the past we hooked up our 350 horse Tundra to the new Star Craft and off we went.

It was really a spur of and would recommend better planning but being avid tent campers we thought we had it down…$500 dollars later we realised we needed a few more basic items.

  1. a water pressure regulator is a must
  2. a black waste gravity feed, it holds the waste house on an incline for a better connection to the rv park system.
  3. a first aid kit
  4. salt and pepper shaker
  5. BBQ utensils
  6. Floor mats
  7. Broom and mop
  8. Extension cords
  9. 30 to 50 amp 30 to 120 amp adapters or vice versa depending on you RV (spent the first night in the dark)
  10. Bug spray lol

All in all it was a great time planning on next trip this weekend. We are going to boondock it..

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