1400 miles…

All and All I’ve had a blessed life, as most I’ve gotten bogged down with the day to day routine, work, pay bill wash, rinse, repeat. In my self imposed slavery, sometimes you just have to shake thing up a bit. So I bought another Harley, not my most intelligent investment but its worth in ego points is priceless. You see I bought it at Milwaukee Harley Davidson, right across from the plant. While I visited the Harley Davidson museum I thought might as well get a poker chip, well I did, just this one cost me $8000, so you ask why, my answer is because I can ride it from there to Corpus Christi 1400 mile trip. Now this is something I’ve never attempted before, so I except the challenge just me my machine and the open road, no safety nets, just gas, guts, and the will to do it.

As life has been so good to me, one can get caught in the “slave” mentality holding on to every little thing so not to lose it, so with this I’m putting it all in Gods hands, trusting him for protection and grace, letting his will be done.

My hope is that Cyrus will see it as an adventure that all men should not be afraid to risk something, and not live a sheltered life, because the saying “you only live once” is wrong, you LIVE every day you only Die once…

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