It’s a brisk morning here on Padre Island, a northern wind has set in. Being from the mid west and a recent Texas convert you don’t get to see, feel the transition of seasons as predominantly up north, no changing of leaves, or first frost. This morning on the shoreline we are graced with a chilly northern wind, as a sturdy breeze rushing through the Steel Pearl the sky is a crisp blue with a soft kiss of the sunrise peaking over waves. Across the sand dunes, native grass bending to the command of the wind, give a moment of pause to welcome this new day. Our adventure this weekend took us 45 miles down the shoreline in search of the conch sea shells, as the elusive shell evaded capture we did manage to collect a sack full of some small to mid-sized shell for further projects .

Camping in Padre Island National Park is a joy in later months of the year as the summer temperature can get into the 100+ days but you can count on an off shore wind to knock the humidity to a comfortable level. This Thanksgiving trip we found the beaches secluded and void of the tourist we have seen here before, the parks paid ($8) RV camping spots did fill on the shore line side but this park offers “on beach” (no charge) camping anywhere on its 60 mile strech (4×4 recomended past mile marker 5) for a true boondocking experence. Steel Pearl will travel again in January then will try the RV park in Port A, and our first long haul trip (need some upgrades) this spring break to New Mexico.

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