First Ride Again.

It’s been over 10 years since I straddled a motorcycle, and at 50 I’d say it was a challenge. But owning a Harley has always been a dream, it brings back the days of my youth of wanting, needing the open road. As a young boy I use to ride my bike for hours always looking for adventure around the next corner or empty lot, and so much better was the adventure when friends came along.

I’m reading a book called Wild at Heart, and it speaks to the need adventure as a yearning that men have deep in their hearts, and how society has domesticated men into doteful slaves to society, even cutting their masculinity. It’s amazing how I got this Harley not knowing the real need that was screaming from my soul to be set free again…

My first ride was a solo adventure of just a 40 mile ride along be the island coast from Padre Island to Port A, was terrified but excillerating in the same instance ( did 10 miles in the parking lot to get a feel for the girl first) riding a motorcycle is much the same as going into battle every turn every obstacle every automobile posses a threat, and for the first time in many years I WAS ALIVE. I just hope to remimber that feeling in 10 years from now.

Being a noob I really don’t feel part of the biker community ( should I say biker so soon) as my skill level is so low ( taking MSF course soon) but I did feel the respect and honor shared when I arrived at the Wahoo Harley Davidson the look and un spoken word a feeling of a common shared interest and thrill as a knight of old opening their face shield on their helments or a tip of the hat from a cowboy off a dusty trail, we made it but riding a motorcycle is a solo operation, I made it. I felt like that little boy on his adventure once again

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